'Watchmen' Returning To Theaters In July With 25 Minutes Of Extra Footage

WatchmenIf you didn't feel like you got your money's worth paying to see "Watchmen" in its original 162-minute incarnation, there is good news today, because Zack Snyder has announced that the film is returning to theaters in select cities this summer, even longer than before.

"Watchmen: The Director's Cut," which Snyder called "considerably more violent" and "sexier" than the movie's original version, will only be out for a week leading up to its DVD and Blu-ray releases, but the director's will cap the limited run by hosting a July 25 screening at Comic-Con.

The one-week run for the director's cut of "Watchmen" will kick off July 17 with 25 extra minutes of runtime, according to Variety, with four venues showing the movie in Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and New York.

Snyder explained that those who own the Blu-ray version of the director's cut, which comes out in stores on July 21 alongside "300: The Complete Experience," will be able to use the disc's BD Live feature to watch the film and his Comic-Con panel discussion in San Diego simultaneously.

Since Comic-Con tickets are nearly impossible to come by at this point, the "BD Live" screening event probably isn't a bad option for "Watchmen" fans who failed to register in time. And even for those who don't consider themselves fans of the movie, Snyder's claim that the extended version is actually "more violent" has to provoke some level of curiosity as to how he could set the bar for brutality in the movie any higher.

Are you going to see Zack Snyder's screening at Comic-Con in July? Are you curious to see what shows up in the director's cut of "Watchmen"? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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