Shia LaBeouf Still Wants To Make 'Y: The Last Man' Movie

The Last ManDon't count the last man on Earth out of the picture yet, folks. Hot on the heels of Shia LaBeouf saying that he was no longer interested in playing Yorick in "Y: The Last Man" comes word that the actor is still very much interested in the project -- he's just not ready for it right now.

"I am!" LaBeouf told Collider when asked if he was still hoping to star in the Vertigo comic book adaptation. "You see, the thing is Brian K. Vaughn [writer of 'Y: The Last Man'], Neil Gaiman, the guys who write the 'Criminal' series, these are all my favorite, this is my favorite stuff to read. It's the stuff that I love. 'Y: The Last Man' is my favorite comic book. It's also [director] DJ Caruso's favorite comic book. We do want to make it. It's just too 'Sam Witwicky.'"

Therein lies the problem for LaBeouf, as the actor once again affirmed his feelings that Yorick and Sam Witwicky -- his "Transformers" character -- are just too similar.

"It's not as big as a variation for me," he admitted. "I want to do something that's foreign."

But just because he's not interested in playing the character right now doesn't mean he won't be ready in the future. As a matter of fact, LaBeouf said that "Y: The Last Man" isn't even close to ready, giving the young actor plenty of time to work on another project.

"The script is not ready to be shot," LaBeouf said. "DJ is making a different movie right now. He's making 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' There's just other things going on with DJ and I wouldn't want to make the movie with anybody else because he loves it like I do. But I don't think Vaughn is trying to give it to anybody else. I think that it is something that's very realistic, it's just not in the pipe for the next year."

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