EXCLUSIVE: 'Runaways' Gets A Theme Song -- And We Have Marvel's New Music Video For It!

Sure, Spider-Man and the X-Men both had catchy songs in their cartoons, and Batman had a whole movie soundtrack full of Prince tunes, but comic books themselves don't usually come with theme songs. However, with the release of "Runaways" #11 today, Marvel Comics is looking to buck that trend by releasing their first-ever "theme song" for a series -- as well as a new music video they're exclusively debuting here on Splash Page.

We're proud to present your first look (and listen) at the "Runaways Theme Song," featuring vocals by Marvel editor Nick Lowe, who oversees the series.

Created in 2003 by "Y: The Last Man" comics scribe (and "Lost" television series writer) Brian K. Vaughan, the teen superhero series "Runaways" is now in the midst of its third volume (with a film also in the works), and has counted notable creators such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon among its authors over the series' celebrated six-year run. Issue #11 of the new volume hits shelves today and kicks off a new story arc by writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Sara Pichelli.

"'Runaways' has always hit me like the best of the teen TV shows," said Lowe of the inspiration for his musical contribution to the series. "It’s got it all: making out, poor decisions, and angst. Sure, they have super powers, but that’s not what it’s all about. So I tried to write a song that felt like something that would be played on 'Gossip Girl' or 'Ugly Betty.'"

"I did a quick rough draft on my computer and sent it off to my brother Matt (from the band The Down Lowe), who recorded everything but the vocals, which I recorded myself," he explained.

Marvel's Senior Art Director, Jeff Suter, said he didn't know what to expect from Lowe when the theme song was first pitched around the publisher's office. Charged with putting the song to video, he said the finished musical element was quite a bit different than he anticipated.

"He came to us with the concept of an opening montage of a sitcom or Saturday morning kids show," said Suter. "I knew he’s come back to us with something clever, but I really had no idea he’d bring such a catchy pop tune, something reminiscent of some of the great 1990s TV themes."

"And what a great voice on him, huh?" laughed Suter. "As a professional musician I don’t say that lightly. Now I just need to write something as good for the next project!"

Splash Page readers can download the "Runaways Theme Song" over at Marvel.com.

What do you think of the "Runaways" song and music video? Is this something you'd like to see publishers do more often?