Joe Quesada Reports On His 'Iron Man 2’ Set Visit And Meeting With Mickey Rourke

Joe QuesadaDon't let Mickey Rourke's appearance as a whip-clad Russian prisoner fool you -- if you ask the right person, such as Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, you're likely to find out that Rourke's a pretty nice guy.

That's the scoop from Quesada himself, who talked about meeting the actor on the "Iron Man 2" set in his most recent Cup O' Joe column. According to Quesada, Rourke is a far cry from his on-screen persona.

"Mickey sat down next to me and we just talked about the movie and Iron Man and Marvel characters and just life in general," Quesada said. "He's a very, very cool guy. I found him incredibly warm and engaging."

That's not to say that the "Sin City" actor hasn't experienced rough patches in his career. After showing a lot of promise in the '80s, Rourke kept a low profile throughout much of the '90s before bursting back onto the screen with "Sin City" and "The Wrestler." Now, the actor is hoping to continue that success, and Quesada pointed to that goal as one of the main reasons Rourke signed up for the "Iron Man" franchise.

"I think during his career, he had movies people were saying were going to be huge hits but turned out to be more cultish, critically acclaimed movies," said the Editor-in-Chief. "So he seemed really, really happy to be at 'Iron Man 2,' doing a movie he knew a lot of people were going to see and doing a movie that he looked like he was having fun filming."

Other than Rourke, Quesada revealed his admiration for the other members of the "Iron Man 2" team, including actress Gwyneth Paltrow and director Jon Favreau. Still, Quesada's own fanboy moment came in the form of the movie's leading man.

"There were several times when we were watching playback and Robert was sitting next to me," he remembered. "I kept looking over and thinking to myself, not so much that I was sitting next to Robert Downey, Jr., but that I was sitting next to Tony Stark. I know, I know, I'm such a friggin' nerd it's sickening."

Can you look past Rourke's gruff exterior to see the "incredibly warm" actor inside? What do you think of Quesada's Tony Stark geek-out?