Callum Blue Cast As Superman Villain General Zod On 'Smallville'

Callum BlueJust as "Superman II" viewers kneeled before Zod, so too will "Smallville" fans bow before the very same menace -- except this time, Terence Stamp is nowhere to be found.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Callum Blue has joined the ranks of "Smallville" as a series regular playing General Zod, the Kryptonian villain made famous in the Christopher Reeve-starring "Superman" movies.

Zod, one of Superman's greatest opponents, was a Kryptonian general in charge of the planet's military forces. After committing war crimes on the planet, Zod and his compatriots were banished to the Phantom Zone, though they've since broken free to attack Kal-El from time to time. Most recently, Zod was seen in the "Last Son" arc, co-authored by "Superman" helmer Richard Donner and Geoff Johns.

Despite his comic book presence, it's undoubtedly "Wanted" actor Terence Stamp's turn as the Kryptonian warmonger that remains the definitive version. Blue will have some very large shoes to fill when he assumes the role of Zod.

But Blue's casting as Zod isn't the only time the character has been brought up for a live-screen revival in recent memory. When there was still talk of a sequel to "Superman Returns" -- before Warner Bros. announced plans to reboot the franchise, that is -- rumors suggested that Jude Law might portray Zod against Brandon Routh's Man of Steel.

Blue also marks the second brand new villain cast for "Smallville's" latest season. Rumored "Green Lantern" contender Brian Austin Green has already landed the role of Metallo for at least two episodes in the series.

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