Which X-Men Movie Will Come First: 'Deadpool,' 'Wolverine 2,' 'Magneto' Or 'First Class'?

MagnetoAfter the success of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," it's no longer a question of whether we'll see further "X-Men" movies -- it's only a matter of which one we'll see first.

David Goyer, the man behind the rumored "X-Men Origins: Magneto" film, has weighed in on the subject himself, telling Superhero Hype that the long-awaited villain-centric spin-off might have to wait a little longer should Fox decide to pursue "X-Men: First Class" before "Magneto."

"There have been some preliminary discussions," Goyer told the site. "I think, at Fox, they're trying to decide if making a young X-Men film makes the most sense next, does making a 'Magneto' make the most sense next. They're just trying to decide internally who's next up."

"First Class" is set to focus on the first group of mutants at Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted, with comic book favorites Cyclops, Beast and Jean Grey alleged to take the leading roles.

But the young mutants aren't the only characters "Magneto" would have to contend with. Thanks to the success of "Wolverine," there are already announced plans for a Ryan Reynolds-starring "Deadpool" spin-off, a project that is developing quite rapidly. There's also the possibility of a "Gambit" film starring Taylor Kitsch, an actor whose star is literally on the rise thanks to the mutant movie.

With so many X-projects in the works, it really is hard to determine which one will come next. There's some merit to the idea of pursuing "First Class" ahead of "Magneto," as the former could reintroduce the Master of Magnetism as the film's villain, paving the way for a thusly established new actor to portray Magneto in a solo film.

Which "X-Men" spin-off are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section!

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