Bridget Regan Fans Create Petition For Wonder Woman Audition

Bridget ReganFans of "Legend of the Seeker" star Bridget Regan have big hopes for the actress in an online petition right now, and if they have their way she might be going to toe-to-toe with Beyonce and Jessica Biel for the role of Wonder Woman.

The role of DC Comics' premier super-heroine, which Megan Fox is apparently not interested in, is still uncommitted at this point if the film is indeed moving forward.

"We feel that [Bridget Regan] has all the right qualities to give justice to the character of Wonder Woman," reads the online petition located at PetitionSpot. "All we are asking is to at least give Bridget Regan a screen test to see if she fits the necessary requirements to fulfill the role of Wonder Woman."

The statement, addressed to Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and Disney ABC currently has just over a hundred signatures from Regan's supporters, urging anyone in charge of the project to give her a screen test.

Warner Bros. likely needs to find a "Wonder Woman" director before casting can commence, but as that search goes on, it should give the actress's online community time to collect more names.

Do you think Bridget Regan would be a good fit for Wonder Woman? Who would you like to name as a candidate for the role? Share your proposals in the comment section below!