Five Must-Read 'Transformers' Stories To Take You Beyond 'Revenge Of The Fallen'

Megatron OriginsWith "Transformers: revenge of the Fallen" hitting theaters this week, it’s time once again for a list of recommended readings. Here are some very cool comics you might want to pick up to help you appreciate the upcoming film on another level.

"MEGATRON ORIGIN" (IDW) -- How did the leader of the Decepticons rise to power? How did he gather his army and ensure their loyalty in his quest to dominate the universe? The story is told here as fans finally witness the origin of the villainous Megatron.

The War Within"THE WAR WITHIN – OMNIBUS" (IDW) -- Collecting the entire series by fan-favorite Transformers scribe Simon Furman, “The War Within” takes place on the planet Cybertron millions of years before the Transformers brought their war to Earth. With the death of the great warrior Sentinel Prime, a simple technician is chosen to become the new leader of the Autobots, a technician who will be known to history as Optimus Prime.

“The War Within” showcases what the famous robots transformed into before they encountered Earth-designed vehicles and also features the first story appearance of The Fallen, an ancient, demonic being who will be seen in the new film.

All Hail Megatron"ALL HAIL MEGATRON" (IDW) -- You’ve seen the story of how Megatron came to Earth and was defeated by the Autobots. But what if the reverse happened? What if the Autobots were beaten and the Decepticons were left to rule over humanity?

This series answers that question and throws out all the rules of what you expect in a Transformers story.

Evolutions"EVOLUTIONS: HEARTS OF STEEL" (IDW) -- This is just a fun little “what if” tale. Imagine that the Transformers landed on Earth during the dawn of the industrial revolution instead of in modern-times.

What you get is a story where the famous John Henry finds out that a steam engine is really the living robot Bumblebee and that he and his friends are trying to prevent the Decepticons from ruling a the Earth at a time when humans don’t even know what the words “robot” or “electronic” mean.

Infiltration"INFILTRATION" (IDW) -- After being the fan-favorite Transformers writer for years, Simon Furman got a chance to reboot the entire Transformers universe and continuity for IDW. In this first collection, his story begins.

If you’re new to the Transformers, this is the perfect introduction to today’s comics. If you’re an old hat, you will be surprised by the new twists and turns as familiar characters are updated and altered in the beginning of this reimagined saga.

Any favorite Transformers stories we missed? Share some of your favorite stories involving the robots in Disguise in the comment section, and be sure to let us know what you think of this list!