'Reaper' TV Series Could Live On As Comic Book, Says Tyler Labine

Tyler LabineIll-fated television series "Reaper" already has a few connections to the comic book world, the involvement of Kevin Smith not withstanding. Now, the show could be on the cusp of its biggest and most direct tie to the medium yet.

In an interview with Newsarama, "Reaper" star Tyler Labine said that despite the show's cancellation, the story will continue on as a comic book.

"Bret [Harrison] told me a comic book is definitely in the works," Labine said. "That's a green light. I think 'Reaper' would make a great comic book. I would read that one."

Granted, Labine's source isn't necessarily the one who'd make this kind of decision. Bret Harrison played the lead on "Reaper," but the choice to pursue the series as a comic book would likely come from the show's creators, or even the CW Network itself.

Therein lies a potential problem, as Labine disclosed that CW head Dawn Ostroff was not a fan of the pilot episode of "Reaper," which makes one wonder whether or not she'd support another life for the show as a comic book series.

"It's hearsay, but apparently Dawn Ostroff was not happy [with the pilot]," he revealed. "Apparently the only reason she went along is because all her people liked it."

Another problem is that the series didn't yield enough episodes for syndication, meaning that there won't be re-runs for "Reaper" fans to enjoy. As a result, will there be enough fans of the franchise to warrant a continued life as a comic?

Then again, should "Reaper" prove itself as a comic book, perhaps it'll garner a new legion of worshippers that would look to the DVD collections for further demon-busting goodness. In that best case scenario, maybe a resurgence in "Reaper" interest could lead to a revival of the series, much as increased DVD sales brought "Family Guy" and, more recently, "Futurama" back to life as an ongoing series.

That's not even mentioning the success that some television-to-comics endeavors have seen, such as the "Buffy" and "Angel" books from Dark Horse and IDW Publishing, respectively. Even "Battlestar Galactica" has a continued existence in the funnybooks courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, and there are plans to bring "Pushing Daisies" to DC's Wildstorm imprint, another canceled television series that won't see syndication. With any luck, "Reaper" fans might enjoy that same success should the series see new life in print.

Think that "Reaper" would make for a good comic book series? What do you think the odds are that such a series will exist?