Jason's 'I Killed Adolf Hitler' Optioned For Adaptation

I Killed Adolph HitlerPlenty of characters have smacked Hitler around over the years. But despite Captain America's right cross and Superman's stern talking-to, the menace was never fully put-down. Even Hollywood couldn't finish the job in 2008's assassination-themed "Valkyrie."

Leave it to Norwegian artist Jason (just one name -- like Cher) to finally finish the job in "I Killed Adolf Hitler," his 2007 graphic novel now optioned for film development.

In an interview with The Daily Cross Hatch, Jason opened up about the possibility of his Eisner Award-winning work being adapted to a motion picture and his thoughts on comic book adaptations in general -- namely that he wasn't holding his breath for the project to come full circle.

"If it happens, it happens," Jason said, "It just seems like a small miracle every time a good movie is made, especially in Hollywood."

For those unfamiliar with Jason, the artist's body of work stars mostly anthropomorphic animals working through dramatic yet candid situations. "I Killed Adolf Hitler" is no exception, blending cat-and-mouse action with time travel and comedy as an assassin from the future works to correct an extremely botched hit on the notorious leader of the Nazis.

If Jason seems pessimistic, it could have something to do with the number of fan-favorite comic book properties that failed to make a successful transition to film. Though his outlook is certainly guarded, at least fans know Jason has the potential film's best interests at heart should it move forward.

"I guess I would be interested in reading the script and giving comments," Jason said, "If I said, 'just give me the money and do what you want,' I wouldn’t have the right to criticize the movie later."

Does an adaptation of "I Killed Adolf Hitler" sound like your cup of tea? Think Jason's art style would lend itself well to an animated film? Let your voice be heard in the comments.