'Year One' Special: Jack Black Confirms 'Kick-Ass' New Tenacious D Song For 'Heavy Metal,' & Michael Cera Talks 'Scott Pilgrim'

Actors Michael Cera and Jack Black are getting ready to offer audiences a uniquely skewed history lesson this weekend in "Year One," but when the pair sat down with MTV News to discuss the film, we also managed to pick their brains about a few other projects to which they're lending their considerable talents -- namely, the "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" adaptation and potential remake of the animated classic "Heavy Metal."

It was recently announced that Black was contributing something to the animated "Heavy Metal" film that could also feature contributions from Zack Snyder, James Cameron and other Hollywood notables -- but exactly what that contribution would entail, well... just watch the video.

"Me and Kyle [Gass], Tenacious D, we wrote a song for the 'Heavy Metal' remake," Black told MTV News. "Hopefullythat will happen. The song is kick-ass."

Cera, meanwhile, weighed in on the difficulty of the much-discussed "Scott Pilgrim" fight scenes -- and how director Edgar Wright makes them look easy.

Looking forward to "Scott Pilgrim" and (if it's green-lit) "Heavy Metal"? What about "Year One"?