EXCLUSIVE: Megan Fox Says 'Jonah Hex' Is Shooting For Sequels

Memories of my childhood: Jonah Hex used to freak me out, big time. As much as I loved reading the comic tales of the Western anti-hero with the messed-up face, I also had many a nightmare fueled by him -- particularly when my father brought home this issue for his impressionable young son. Now, Jonah is coming back with an awesome recent episode of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” and an upcoming "Jonah Hex" movie starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox.

And, according to the latter, “Hex” sequels are sure to follow.

“You don’t think there will be a sequel to ‘Jonah Hex’?” Megan Fox teased when we caught up with her recently, discussing the future of the gunslinging bounty-hunter. “They leave it open for a sequel.”

That’s right, folks -- the August 6th film concludes with an ending that sets up a “Jonah Hex 2.” And, according to the “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” sexpot, some last-minute script rewrites made sure that Jonah could get back on his robot horse and ride again.

“They tweaked the script so there might be a sequel if necessary,” Fox explained of the film -- which casts her as a hard-boiled prostitute named Leila. “I think there might [be a sequel].”

According to Fox, the “Hex” shoot went so well that she sees no reason why Brolin’s bounty hunter wouldn’t return. “It’s a dark, no-nonsense, no bullsh-t comic book movie,” she explained, reasoning that it must have been a special project to get Brolin -- who has turned down such blockbusters as “Terminator Salvation” in the past -- to come aboard. “It’s rough, it’s humble… it’s bad-ass.”

As for her character, Fox explained: “She’s a prostitute. It’s sort of like a post-Civil War apocalyptic western -- and, unfortunately for women, that’s how they made their living back then.”

“She’s a tough, no-nonsense prostitute,” Fox added. “I was really happy with it.”

What plotlines/issues would you like to see the “Hex” movie franchise consider as they go into sequel territory?