Bruce Timm Teases 'Green Lantern: First Flight' Character Designer's 'Weird, Bizarre Life Forms'

Green Lantern First Flight"Wonder Woman" producer Bruce Timm and director Lauren Montgomery had very little time between that film and their work on "Green Lantern: First Flight," but luckily they had a sturdy crutch to lean on -- Jose Lopez.

Lopez is responsible for a large portion of the designs in "First Flight," Timm told reporters, and his work on the project was the exact fresh take Timm wanted in order to distinguish the film from his "Justice League" animated series.

Green Lantern First Flight

"We've done quite a bit with the Green Lantern and characters on the 'Justice League' [cartoons], including the entire Green Lantern Corps, and we certainly didn't want to go back and reuse any of those designs," Timm said. "Jose Lopez, who had worked with Mike Goguen and Jeff Matsuda on the recent 'The Batman' series, was brought to our attention. I looked at his portfolio and I thought, 'Wow, this guy is really cool.'"

Asked about Lopez's specific visual style, Timm described the artist as being "a little bit anime-flavored, but not specifically anime." Apparently, that style fit the bill -- Lopez ended up doing nearly all of the character designs for the film.

"We brought him in to do some designs on Green Lantern, and he ended up being pretty much our entire character design department," the producer revealed. "He designed not just Green Lantern and most of the major characters but zillions of background aliens. Jose brought a really unique visual sensibility to the movie."

Green Lantern First Flight

Timm said that there was never a time that he felt Lopez needed to be restrained, thanks in no small part to the film's space-bound setting. Still, some of the artist's designs surprised even Timm.

"I mean, some of the designs are really out there," he described. "Sometimes they'd hand me his designs and I'd say, 'Wow, what am I even looking at? That's a sentient being? You've got to be kidding me.' It's funny because both Lauren and I encouraged him to think way outside the box. And he did -- maybe further than we even imagined. Jose came up with some really weird, bizarre life forms and they're all good."

Green Lantern First Flight

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