Brian Austin Green To Play Metallo In 'Smallville'

Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin Green's name has been brought up in connection to Gotham City and even as a candidate for the Green Lantern corps, but one thing that is a certainty for the former "90210" actor is this -- he's got a bone to pick with Clark Kent.

A casting scoop from TV Guide claims that Green has landed the role of Metallo on "Smallville," the long-running Superman television series on the CW Network. He'll initially appear as John Corben, a Daily Planet journalist turned kryptonite-powered supervillain. The actor is expected to stick around for "at least the first two episodes," a stint that begins on September 25.

Green's connections to the character and to "Smallville" at large are interesting to note. The actor most recently proved his dramatic and action chops on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," where he played John Connor's future-raised uncle, Derek Reese. With that show canceled, Green will now go from facing off against cyborgs to becoming cybernetic himself.

Also, the actor's former "90210" co-star Tori Spelling has appeared in two episodes of the series as gossip columnist turned shapeshifting nemesis Linda Lake. It's hard not to appreciate the connection, as Spelling and Green's "90210" characters were romantically linked throughout that series. Now, Donna and David are joined again as Kal-El's antagonizers.

Lately, rumors have suggested Green's involvement in a number of superhero properties. While his connection to "Batman 3" is nothing more than a self-professed wish -- and who even knows what's going on with that film at the moment -- the actor's connection to "Green Lantern" is a bit sturdier, as an unnamed source told Latino Review that Green was being mentioned for the part of Hal Jordan.

Whether or not those roles pan out, Green will have a hand in comic book fare for the foreseeable future. Not only has he landed this gig as the would-be Superman's nemesis, Green is also a producer on "Fathom" with his girlfriend Megan Fox in the lead role -- an actress who is connected to another comic book project, "Jonah Hex."

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