EXCLUSIVE: 'Green Lantern' Movie To Introduce One New Green Lantern, Says Screenwriter

Green LanternWriter Marc Guggenheim is hard at work managing a monthly comic book series and screenplay based on "Resurrection," his story about life on Earth after an alien invasion, but when I spoke to him about both projects last week, I had to ask him about another film he's working on, too -- one that also involves aliens and humans, and has its roots in the comic book world.

Along with "Resurrection," Guggenheim is co-writing the screenplay for the live-action "Green Lantern" movie based on the DC hero who uses a powerful ring to guard the Earth and surrounding areas of the universe against danger. He and fellow writers Michael Green and Greg Berlanti delivered yet another draft of the screenplay last week, and while he couldn't share many details about the film's plot, he did share some thoughts about the scripting process, the multitude of casting rumors and -- possibly most intriguing -- a new Green Lantern they created for the movie.

According to Guggenheim, the script has been in a constant state of revisions since "Casino Royale" director Martin Campbell was tagged to helm the project.

"It’s basically the exercise of changing the movie from being just a script that people are reading to being a script that people will actually shoot, perform and produce," said the writer of the recent flurry of revisions.

As far as who will actually be performing that script, Guggenheim couldn't share any details about what he did or didn't know regarding casting -- but he did warn fans not to dismiss the casting announcement when it does become official. Given the character's iconic status among comic fans, he knows the initial word on who will play Hal Jordan is likely to generate a lot of debate, no matter who's pegged to wear the ring.

Even so, Guggenheim said he's as eager to find out who'll play the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (the section of the Green Lantern Corps universe that includes Earth) as anyone else.

"It’s always particularly funny when there’s a rumor that goes around and I’m like, 'I know that can’t be true because that actor's schedule doesn’t permit them to do the movie in our time frame,' or any number of other things," said the writer. "But I’m a very big believer that in acting, people can surprise you. People you didn’t necessarily think were the right choice on paper can be the absolute right choice."

"When Heath Ledger was first announced as the Joker that wasn’t the obvious right choice, but now that everyone has seen 'The Dark Knight,' can any of us imagine someone else in that role?" he added.

Beyond the lead actor, however, a "Green Lantern" movie offers a unique chance at casting a wide range of roles -- a massive, universe-spanning police force full of characters, in fact. While Guggenheim wouldn't comment on whether we'll see fan-favorite Green Lanterns like Kilowog or (my personal favorite) Ch'p, he did reveal that one new Green Lantern would be created specifically for the film.

"One of our rules has been: 'Don’t create a new Lantern when a pre-existing one from the comic books would work just as well,'" he said. "There’s only one Lantern who we’ve decided to completely create from scratch, but there’s a very specific reason why we’ve made that decision."

What Green Lanterns would you like to see in the film? Who would you like to see play them? Sound off in the comment section!