Evan Rachel Wood On The 'Spider-Man' Musical -- And Whether She'd Play Mary Jane In 'Spider-Man 4’

There's still no confirmation that Evan Rachel Wood will play the female lead in "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark," the upcoming Broadway musical directed by Julie Taymor and featuring a score by U2, but as we've been reporting here on Splash Page, that's not the only highly anticipated Spidey project without official word on its Mary Jane.

That's why, at a recent press event for Wood's upcoming film "Whatever Works," we had to ask the actress if she had any update on her potential role in the "Spider-Man" musical -- and whether she'd be willing to reprise it on the big screen if the "Spider-Man 4" team comes calling.

"I would do anything that Julie Taymor directs, because she's incredible and would never steer me wrong," Wood told MTV News, describing "Turn Off The Dark" as "a rock and roll circus show."

As for whether she'd consider playing Mary Jane Watson in the next "Spider-Man" movie if the much-deliberated return of Kirsten Dunst doesn't pan out, Wood offered an emphatic response.

"No, never," she said. "I'm going to stick with the stage version."

While the question might be a moot point now given "Spider-Man 4" producer Todd Black's recent assertion that Dunst will be returning to the franchise, it looks like fans can cross Wood's name off their list of potential replacements if things go south.

What do you think? Would evan Rachel Wood make a good Mary Jane Watson on the big screen? What about in the musical -- how do you think she'll do?