'Persepolis' Creator Marjane Satrapi Decries Iran's Election Results

PersepolisProbably the best known Iranian creator in comics today, Marjane Satrapi's two-volume graphic novel memoir "Persepolis" captivated readers internationally when it was published by Pantheon before the feature-length animated adaptation she directed earned an Oscar nomination. This week, she and fellow filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf let their views be known about the recent, contested Iranian election, and presented a document that she believes proves current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lost to challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi.

"Ahmadinejad received only 12 percent of the vote, not 65 percent," said Satrapi, according to Adnkronos. She and Makhmalbaf presented the document, which they claimed came directly from the Iranian electoral commission, to the Green Party MPs in the European parliament.

Satrapi and Makhmalbaf believe that the democratic process in Iran was derailed when election results were ignored and replaced with fraudulent results naming Ahmadinejad as the winner with more than 65 percent of the vote.

Satrapi, who was born in Iran to Marxist parents, discussed her personal and family histories in the country in "Persepolis" and has gone on to compose two more graphic novels "Embroideries" and "Chicken with Plums," the latter of which she and director Vincent Paronnaud are seeking to adapt into a live-action film.

Critically acclaimed for both her drawn and animated work, she has since remained an active voice about Iran since she moved to France, even contributing to the The New York Times. Her presentation in Europe may be one of the highest-profile actions taken by a comics creator this year.

Have you read Satrapi's accounts of her early life in Iran in "Persepolis" or seen the animated adaptation? What do you think of her stance on the Iranian election? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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