Hear Me Talk Comics, Movies, Twitter And More On This Week's Episode Of The Flickcast!

Rick MarshallThe funny thing about being the editor of Splash Page is that it's not the sort of job you leave at the office -- and usually, that's okay by me. When I'm not writing about comic books and comic book movies or otherwise managing the stories you come here for every day, I'm talking to people about comics over lunch, on the subway, over drinks or as happened to be the case this week, as the special guest on The Flickcast audio podcast.

The Flickcast crew invited me to join them this week in their regular discussion of comics, gaming, movies and related geekery, and while I was happy to share some thoughts (okay, a lot of thoughts -- I tend to ramble), I'm starting to think that voicing my love for the 2005 "Man-Thing" movie might not have been the best career move.

Along with Flickcast hosts Chris Ullrich and Matt Raub, we weighed in on Twitter and movie marketing for films like "Iron Man 2" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" (as well as the lack thereof for a few other comic book movies), recent casting news for films like "John Carter of Mars," and we even talked a little "Twilight" -- which will probably get me in trouble, but it was fun all the same.

Over the course of the podcast, we also talked about the return of Captain America and the disappearance of Bruce Wayne in the comics world, as well as some thoughts on our favorite comic book adaptations in movie history.

Finally, we made some recommendations for listeners (they suggested some movies, I suggested some upcoming comics), and I apologized for exposing everyone to the sound of my voice for such an extended period of time.

You can catch the full episode over at the online home of The Flickcast, but feel free to leave me some feedback here on Splash Page with your thoughts on what I had to say. As always, I'd love to hear from you!

(And yes, that image at the top of this story is me in my Halloween costume as Yorick from "Y: The Last Man" from a few years back.)