'Whiteout' Theatrical Trailer Leaks Online

Kate BeckinsdaleThe ever-delayed movie adaptation of Greg Rucka's "Whiteout," whose artist Steve Lieber was Splash Page's first "Cover Artist," may finally be nearing a theatrical release, if a leaked trailer this week is any indication.

Though the trailer was taken down, the snowcapped glimpse of stars Kate Beckinsdale and Gabriel Macht still tags the film for release in 2009. That should please Rucka, who as of New York Comic Con earlier this year seemed excited about director Dominic Sena's attention to detail.

"Nature never intended for you to survive here, but this Fall, nature is not the only thing to fear," announced the now-removed trailer's tagline. While Warner Bros. has been quick to weed out the unofficial release of the trailer, that line might be a positive indicator of the project's imminent arrival for fans.

The original graphic novel from Oni Press follows Beckinsdale's character Carrie Stetko, a U.S. Marshal on the trail of a murderer in Antarctica. Rucka has called Beckinsdale a dead ringer for his story's heroine, and her performance in the trailer thus far seems to corroborate that.

He's also said that he would like to see a "Whiteout" trilogy, so finally getting this first installment out ought to be a good first step.

The trailer seems to tease a few sequence straight out of the book, so all signs point to Rucka's faith being well placed at this point.

What do you want to see the movie adaption of "Whiteout" get right when it makes it into theaters? Did you sneak a peek at the trailer online? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!