Producer David Uslan To Adapt 'Tom Trueheart' Trilogy To Film, Possibly Comics

Tom TrueheartProducer David Uslan, who already has an adaptation in the works for his Future Comics series "Freemind," has just set his sights on bringing another property to life in Hollywood, but this time the honor belongs to author Ian Beck's 2007 children's book "The Secret History of Tom Trueheart."

The book joins other children's tales such as "Coraline" and "Dear Dracula" that movie makers have recently eyed for their young audience appeal.

"It could have easily been a wonderful comic book series or graphic novel. When I look at a property, I not only look for a great character-driven feature film but a video game, a toy line and a digital series as well," Uslan told The Hollywood Reporter. "'The Secret History of Tom Trueheart' hits all those platforms, along with having great international appeal."

Beck's "Tom Trueheart" trilogy of books follows its title hero's family, who live near the Land of Stories. In the first book, his six brothers -- each named Jack -- mysteriously disappear, and Tom has to rescue them from the clutches of a villain who wants to put an end to stories. His adventures also include classic fairy tale characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

"It is rare that, when reading a story to my son, I feel the power that this tale has," producer Jeffrey D. Erb said. "I knew then and there that a personal mission for me would be in making this book into a film, and [producer Robert L. Robinson Jr.] and David [Uslan] had complete faith in my judgment and supported me on this quest."

The live-action film is slated for a mid-2010 release.

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