Hugh Jackman's 'Nowhere Man' Comic Is In A Holding Pattern, Says Writer Marc Guggenheim

Hugh JackmanLast year, Hugh Jackman announced that he had created a series called "Nowhere Man" for Virgin Comics. In what sounded like a logical investment in the comet tails of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the story about a future world without privacy was being primed to become at least one movie, and possibly a video game.

When Virgin Comics disbanded, however, half of the property's ownership fell into uncertainty, and even the comic's scribe, "Resurrection" writer and "Green Lantern" co-writer Marc Guggenheim, doesn't know if "Nowhere Man" has a clear destination for the time being.

"Well, that’s kind of in a limbo right now because Virgin Comics went away," Guggenheim told MTV News. "That’s because the property is sort of co-owned by Virgin and Hugh Jackman."

That dual ownership may keep any use of Jackman's potential franchise in the comic book world and Hollywood's closet for the time being.

"With Virgin as half of it, it’s kind of in one of those holding patterns," Guggenheim explained. But the "Eli Stone" co-creator isn't without a seed of optimism.

"One of those things I happen to love about the nature of my job is you wake up one day and you get an unexpected phone call out the blue and it resurrects a project that you thought was dead," he said.

"Nowhere Man" may not be the end of Guggenheim's collaboration, though, and even if the book never sees publication, it could prove to have been the first step toward something else entirely.

"I’ve been talking to Hugh’s people and 'Nowhere Man' has created a really nice relationship between us," Guggenheim said. "I actually have an idea that I keep meaning to pitch them specifically for Hugh, but I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to do it, but you never know."

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