Angelina Jolie On The Prospect Of 'Wanted 2’: 'I Don't Think My Character Would Return'

Yesterday, “Wanted” director Timur Bekmabetov told a Russian news outlet that he planned to bring Angelina Jolie back for the upcoming sequel to last year's hit film loosely based on the Mark Millar and J.G. Jones series. While the news had everyone who's seen the film buzzing for fairly obvious reasons (given her character's final scene), there were a few other reasons we were a bit skeptical of the news around Splash Page HQ.

Take, for instance, this interview conducted with Jolie during the run-up to the "Wanted" premiere last year:

While Jolie seems to indicate in no uncertain terms that her character isn't likely to return for a sequel, there's always the chance that she was being coy and didn't want to reveal anything about the plot, right? Well, that's not all that has us scratching our heads.

Back in November 2008, we brought you the news of an interview Jolie gave the L.A. Times in which she discussed her final scene in the film.

“In the original, she doesn’t kill herself,” said Jolie. “I actually changed the ending. I said, ‘If she was to find out she had killed people unjustly and was a part of something that wasn’t fair, then she should take her own life.’”

So, not only did she die in the film, but Jolie actually demanded that the final scene be her character's exit from the story.

So, now one has to wonder, if the Russian report is to be believed, exactly how will she be making her return in "Wanted 2"? Will it be some sort of flashback? A time-traveling angle, perhaps?

Fans of the original comic book series published by Top Cow will remember that there was some dimension-hopping that occurred in the series -- but with the film offering very little resemblance to the comics, would that plot point really be imported?

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