'Batman Returns' Star Michelle Pfeiffer Offers 'Whipping Lessons' For The Next Catwoman

For many Bat-fans, 1992's "Batman Returns" is regarded as the best Batman film of the pre-Christopher Nolan era. While it sacrificed Jack Nicholson's impressive Joker for Danny DeVito's oily Penguin, it evolved beyond a feature-length Prince video and presented audiences with the darkest take on Gotham's Dark Knight up to that point.

It also put Michelle Pfeiffer in a skin-tight Catwoman suit -- possibly the greatest triumph of any Batman film to date.

That's why, during a recent press event for Pfeiffer's upcoming film "Cheri," we had to ask her what she thought about the current crop of "Batman 3" rumors involving the return of a certain feline-fixated felon.

"You would think so," Pfeiffer told MTV News when asked whether she thought Catwoman would return to Batman movies with Nolan behind the camera. "They better... They should!"

Presented with the rumors tagging both Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz as potential Selina Kyles, Pfeiffer took the diplomatic approach, saying "both would be awesome."

Saying she'd be "there for the consult" if a future Catwoman wanted to swap stories, Pfeiffer said there was one particular aspect of the gig in which she could certainly offer a newcomer some pointers.

"I can give the whipping lessons," she laughed. "I did my own whipping."

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