'Buffy' Alum Eliza Dushku Addresses Movie Rumors, 'Season Eight' And Her Geek IQ

Eliza DushkuBy Terri Schwartz

With fan rebellion worldwide against the purported Joss Whedon-less “Buffy,” ex-vampire slaying actress Eliza Dushku said being asked about the reboot is something she’s gotten familiar with in recent interviews.

“I go to Joss’s parties. I’ll just leave it at that,” Dushku told MTV News.

Dushku, who played Faith in Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” television series and its subsequent spin-off “Angel,” expressed no interest in the film or reprising her character in it, though she was not approached like “Buffy” creator Whedon was. With fan interest echoing the same sentiments, it seems like the only people who have interest in the film are oblivious moviegoers and “Twilight” fans looking for an Edward Cullen fix.

However, those fans itching for some more “Buffy” from the Whedon universe are lucky enough to have an eighth season, albeit in comic book form. Splash Page has been following the most recent additions to the Buffyverse, but Dushku admitted she's not kept up with her character’s life after television as much as she could.

“Joss really has been the gateway for me into the different realms and comics,” Dushku said. “He’s shown me some stuff or I’ve searched out some of the comics and I heard really great things. But I’m not as up to date as maybe I could be.”

With her close relationship to Whedon (first when he “picked her off a street corner in Watertown” to play Faith in “Buffy” and now for her starring role in “Dollhouse”) and her upcoming Bethesda videogame “Wet,” it is easy to think Dushku lives inside the comic book, video game, sci-fi world, but an “are you serious?” look was her only response to being asked if she considered herself a nerd.

“I lost my nerd virginity to Joss, for sure,” she laughed.

She said growing up with three big brothers opened her up to the world her most cherished work now resides in. “They used to play Dungeons and Dragons and let me join and kill me off after one roll of the dice, because I was the little kid sister,” she said of her brothers.

Regardless of whether she was a nerd then or now, Dushku is showing clear sides on the current “Buffy” fiasco: fans will be able to see her alongside Whedon next month at Comic-Con.

Would you like ot see more of Dushku as Faith? Should she entertain a return if a new movie calls?