'The Amazing Race' Star Takes 'Wasps' To Comics, Feature Film

The WaspsFor most people, spending time with their grandparents consists of leisurely outings or afternoon chats. In the upcoming "The Wasps" comic book and feature film, one pilot's quality time with grandma comes in the form of shooting down Nazi aircraft.

Based the true exploits of the women who served the United States Army Airforce during World War II, collectively known as WASP (Women Air Service Pilots), the comic tells the story of a time-displaced Air Force pilot from modern times who ends up flying alongside his WASP grandmother and battling Nazis in pursuit of a mysterious artifact.

Former Air Force pilot and "The Amazing Race" winner Reichen Lehmkuhl created the concept based on his real life grandmother Betty Turner Stagg, who served as a WASP pilot during WWII.

The project, slated to arrive in stores in 2010 through Bluewater Productions, was co-written by Lehmkuhl, Bluewater president Darren G. Davis and Adam Gragg. It is currently being illustrated by Jacob Bear.

"What attracted me to this story is the dynamic between grandson and grandmother," said Davis in an official press release, "He knows who she is, but can't tell her. There's that thin line between completing the mission and changing history. But most important, it's a love letter to family pride and the bonds of friendship that forge between people in times of danger and adversity."

Golden House Entertainment is currently developing a live-action motion picture based on the creative team's initial comic book script rather than a complete graphic novel, a practice becoming more commonplace in Hollywood. Details are sparse regarding production or casting, but Lehmkuhl is attached, which means it could be possible to see the former pilot don flight gear on camera.

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