This Week's Best Bets: Gambit Finally Gets His Own 'X-Men Origins' Tale!

X-Men Origins: GambitThis week was a little light for comics with movie and television connections, but there were still some titles worth calling out for anyone who likes their weekly serving of comics with a side of media crossover appeal.

TOP OF THE STACK: "X-MEN ORIGINS: GAMBIT" #1 (Marvel) -- While Remy LeBeau has a lot more fans these days thanks to his big-screen debut in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," mainstream audiences (and comics fans whose interests don't fall along the X-Men axis) probably aren't as savvy to his sordid past. Marvel looks to clear all that confusion up with this one-shot that delves into Gambit's criminal past -- and how he became one of the most popular heroes in the mutant universe.

Written by Mike Carey with art by David Yardin, this could be a great series to pick up if you're looking to prep for the inevitable Gambit solo movie or just want to fill in the blanks in your mutant memory.

Sleeper"SLEEPER: SEASON ONE" (Wildstorm) -- I don't normally include collections in here, but after reading through the review copy of this book that was sent my way, I can't help recommending it to anyone who hasn't read it yet. This collections assembles the entire first "season" of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' brilliant superhero crime drama -- which also happens to be in the works as a feature film produced by Sam Raimi and starring Tom Cruise. If you haven't checked out "Sleeper" yet, this collection is a great reason to do so.

Dead at 17"DEAD AT 17: AFTERBIRTH" #1 (Image) -- Back in February, we heard that there was some movement, possibly involving "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens, on the adaptation of this Josh Howard series that chronicles a teenage girl tasked with fighting demons of various sizes, shapes and affinities for human flesh. I've always been a fan of the series (though it does lean a little toward the T&A on occasion), and this new four-issue series should be a great jumping-on point for new readers.

Honorable Mention: "Captain America" #600 (Marvel) -- Steve Rogers is back! Okay, we all knew this was going to happen eventually, but this officially kicks off the big return of the star-spangled Avenger. And that's a big deal to a lot of people -- especially anyone making (or looking forward to) a little movie called "The First Avenger: Captain America."

What are you picking up this week? Let me know in the comment section!