New Cover, Publishing Update For 'Kick-Ass' Movie Book

Kick-AssLast week's double dose of news related to "Kick-Ass," Matthew Vaughn's live-action adaptation of the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. comic book series, was the first we'd heard about the project in quite a while -- and apparently, it wasn't entirely accurate, either.

While Millar did indeed say that a sequel for the film was already in the works, we've received an update/correction of sorts regarding the other piece of news regarding the official "Kick-Ass" movie book scheduled for release by Titan Books. According to the publisher, the cover image that had been circulating for the book wasn't in a finished state -- and the release date for the book isn't actually September, as was previously indicated.

However, they did provide us with a new, closer-to-done image of the "Kick-Ass" cover (though still unfinished), and offered some thoughts on when we'll see the book on shelves.


"Though the book was announced for September, the publishing date has now moved -- this hasn’t been reflected on Amazon yet," said a Titan Books representative. "We will confirm a publishing date for the book once the film’s release date is announced."

So, after spending an entire post contemplating what the September publishing date for the book could mean for the film, it looks like the pondering was all for naught, folks. Even so, if the official movie book does hit shelves in advance of the film, it looks like a great way to get more information on the project -- which has thus far been one of the bigger mysteries in the comics-to-movie world.

We'll keep you posted as news develops on this one.

What do you think of the revised cover image? Do you enjoy the official movie books for projects like this? What aspect of the project are you looking forward to finding out more about?