'Watchmen' Star Jackie Earle Haley Wonders If 'Human Target' Will Hurt His Career

Jackie Earle HaleyJackie Earle Haley has made quite the on-screen comeback starring as Rorschach in "Watchmen" and as Freddy Krueger in "Nightmare on Elm Street," so it only makes sense to wonder -- what's he doing on television?

To be fair, Haley's small screen arrival comes in the form of "Human Target," the new Fox series based on the DC comic book. Still, as some see network television as less reputable than film work, Haley's decision to star in the show might appear questionable. Apparently, it's not a notion lost on the actor himself.

"A little bit, from the standpoint that it kind of takes me out of the game," Haley told Sci Fi Wire when asked if he was nervous about taking on the television show. "But it takes me out of the game by being in the game."

It's a double-edged sword to be sure -- the baggage of syndicated television is there, but Haley also sounds riveted by the material. On "Human Target," Haley plays an advisor to Mark Valley's Christopher Chance by the name of Guerrero. For Haley, playing Guerrero provides a challenge in that it's a role he's not used to.

"What's cool about it is that it's a different type of character," said the actor. "And I'm also kind of really looking forward to acting every day for a period. I think it might [help] as an actor to grow, and a way to become a better actor is to work in that environment and to work every day for months. It could be a really good experience as an actor."

So will Haley stick with the television series for as long as he can? That'll depend on a number of factors most likely, but Haley is nonetheless thrilled about the show's potential, no matter what it means for his career.

"The TV series, I'm really excited about that," he said. "It should be a real fun kind of throwback to '80s action films, like 'Die Hard' and stuff, and kind of the weekly action show of the week."

Do you think starring in "Human Target" is a bad career move for Haley, or do his reasons for joining the show sound valid? Let us know what you think in the comments!