Teresa Palmer Still Attached To Play Talia Al Ghul In 'Justice League: Mortal,' Uncertain Of Film's Status

Teresa PalmerWhile we're not suggesting you hold your breath waiting to see George Miller's live-action "Justice League" movie, that doesn't mean we're not intrigued with the fact that such a film almost happened -- and taking every opportunity possible to find out more about it.

At a recent press event for "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," MTV News spoke to actress Teresa Palmer, who was once the rumored front-runner to play Talia Al Ghul in "Justice League: Mortal" before a host of issues stalled the project indefinitely. While Palmer confirmed that she was -- and still is -- tagged to play the daughter of Batman villain Ra's Al Ghul, that was where her certainty ended about any aspect of the film.

"I'm still attached to the film," Palmer told MTV News when asked if she heard any news about the film. "But who knows if the movie is going to come off the ground or not. I hope it does, obviously."

"I have no idea. I'm always the last person to find these things out," added Palmer.

As for the experience of getting all ready to play some of the comics world's most iconic characters -- to the point of trying on the costumes, in some cases -- only to have the project be suddenly thrown into limbo, Palmer said it was just as big a let-down for the cast as it was for everyone interested in the project.

"It was very bittersweet, because we got there and we were all really excited that this film was going to come off the ground," said Palmer. "We rehearsed for a while, and then it all sort of fell through."

Think there's any hope for "Justice League: Mortal"? Do you want there to be? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section!

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