Larry David Laughs Off The Idea Of Playing The Riddler In 'Batman 3’

When the comedy “Whatever Works” hits theaters next Friday, Larry David will join a glamorous line of leading men in Woody Allen films, from Hugh Jackman to Colin Farrell to Leonardo DiCaprio. With Larry beyond a doubt entering the ranks of Hollywood heartthrob-dom, might this be the start of a new movie career for the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star?

That’s exactly what I wanted to know when I sat down to talk with David recently. Was there any type of project he wanted to pursue, any directors or actors he’d love to work along side? And then, in the middle of our chat, I threw him a loony curveball: what about taking on the role of the Riddler in “Batman 3”?

Why’d I ask? Well, maybe because the idea was in my head following Eddie Murphy’s recent comment about becoming—or not becoming—the Riddler. Maybe because I really, really wanted to make L.D. laugh.

Well, mission accomplished on that last front. In fact David told me, “That’s the biggest laugh I’ve had in a while,” and I’m pretty sure I can now retire from entertainment journalism because I’m never going to top a compliment like that from one of my personal comedy heroes.

Check out the video to see why the idea of Larry as the Riddler has the man saying, “Hollywood, if you’re listening…”

What do you think? Is there a comic book character you'd like to see Larry David play? Is he more suited for a Marvel character, perhaps?