'Green Hornet' Web Series Filming In Chicago?

Green HornetHonestly, I never thought I'd say this, but it really is a good time to be a "Green Hornet" fan these days.

While I'll admit not being very up-to-date with my knowledge of Britt Reid and Kato's adventures, the combination of an upcoming Michel Gondry movie starring Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow, as well as a comic book series written by Kevin Smith, makes it pretty darn likely that everyone is going to know a lot more about the classic character soon enough. And if certain rumors prove true, there could a new online series on the way, too.

Over at Destructo, they're reporting that filming for a "GreenHornetTV" web series recently occurred at a famous landmark in Chicago. While their sources say the project isn't related to the "Green Hornet" movie, they do claim that whatever does come of the shoot will end up online at www.GreenHornetTV.com. (The site currently states that whatever is planned for it is "coming soon.")

"Filming at the Uptown Bank building seems to have been for basic interior shots and did not appear to involve the Hornet himself," reads the site's report. "However, other witnesses said that the police who were present may not have been wearing Chicago issued uniforms, but this could not be confirmed."

Could there be yet another medium Green Hornet is headed to in the near future? We'll be sure to keep you posted as any news develops.

How do you feel about the recent resurgence of the Green Hornet character? Can he still be relevant? Sound off in the comment section!