'Futurama' Returning To Comedy Central With New Episodes?

FuturamaJust when you thought Bender, Leela, Fry and the crew of Planet Express might only be seen in direct-to-DVD films, a new rumor has the hit animated series "Futurama" returning with new episodes on Comedy Central.

According to Collider, an inside source at Comedy Central has reported that the network ordered 13 new episodes of the hit Matt Groenig series, marking the show’s much-awaited (by many fans, at least) return as a regular series.

The cult-favorite cartoon created by Groening and David X. Cohen was cancelled in 2003 by Fox, despite the outcry of many fans. After the next few years showed that “Futurama” DVDs were still selling well and that fans were hungry for more, it was agreed that four direct-to-DVD films would be made to continue the adventures of the Planet Express crew.

The four films would then be divided into four episodes each, which would air on Comedy Central as new episodes. The hope was that these new films would engender enough interest and excitement to allow the series to finally return.

And it seems those hopes were not in vain. If the rumor is true, the “Futurama” production officers are open once more and actors are being called in to return to their beloved animated roles. Perhaps next month’s Comic-Con will bring us new, exciting answers concerning this happy news.

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