No 'Hellboy' Comics For Guillermo Del Toro, Doubts Ron Perlman Would Return For Different Director

"Hellboy" and "Hellboy II" director Guillermo del Toro recently dropped by Splash Page HQ to discuss his new book "The Strain," and while the horror novel is certainly a good read, we had to ask about a few other important topics while we had the celebrated filmmaker's ear -- namely, the future of the "Hellboy" film franchise.

"I talked about that with [Hellboy creator] Mike Mignola, and I respect very much his decision," Del Toro told MTV News when asked if he had any plans to expand the "Hellboy" movie universe into comics. "He said to me, people have enough trouble distinguishing what comes from the movie and the comic."

"Some people call [Hellboy's] gun 'The Samaritan' and Mike gets really riled up," laughed Del Toro, offering some examples of the movie/comics confusion that irks Mignola. "'That's not from the comic,' he said to me. 'I want the movie to stay the movie and not permeate the other stuff.' And I respect that."

As for whether he'd ever hand over the reins to the Hellboy universe to another director, Del Toro said he was willing -- but he doubted that he'd be the issue.

"But how do we loan the actor?" said Del Toro. "Ron Perlman is a guy, I think, who only goes in makeup anymore when I torture him to do it. He hates it."

Hoping to see more "Hellboy" films? Would you be willing to see another director handle the films -- or possibly another lead actor?