Oprah Winfrey... The Comic Book?

Oprah Winfrey comicThe notion of rising from obscurity and dust to fame and fortune is a common one in the tradition of the hero's story. Just look at wimpy Steve Rogers and how one sip of the Super Soldier serum transformed him into the legendary Captain America. This arc is observable in several other icons outside of the comic book game, and one such outsider is bringing her story to the paneled page.

In September, the indescribably successful Oprah Winfrey will be adding another gem to her crown as Media Queen when she appears in the pages of Bluewater Productions' "Female Force" biography comic book series. The issue will depict the talk show host's early childhood struggles all the way through to her current status as a global phenomenon.

"When you conjure up the concept of 'Female Force,' there are very few who immediately come to mind and Oprah's name rises to the top of that list," said Darren Davis, president of Bluewater. "Her influence on our culture has been profound."

Oprah Winfrey comic

"She might not wear a cape, but she is some kind of superhero to a great many people," said Joshua LaBello, who will write and illustrate the Oprah-starring issue. "Despite a childhood riddled with abuse and adversities, she turned her wounds into wisdom, grabbed hold of every opportunity, and reached a level of success that practically redefines the term."

Oprah joins a growing list of powerful, historically-significant women to be featured in the "Female Force" series, including Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin -- the latter of which has been making some, ah, interesting appearances in comic books already.

Will you be picking up Oprah's comic book? What other female figures in history deserve the comic book treatment?