Fan-Made 'Spider-Man 4’ Posters Push for Black Cat And Carnage Debuts

Spider-Man 4 Fan PosterSure, there's no script, cast or firm commitments from anyone potentially involved with "Spider-Man 4," but that hasn't stopped the online word from speculating about potential elements of the next film in Sony's "Spider-Man" movie franchise.

Earlier this month, pics from the annual Licensing Expo in Las Vegas gave us our first look at a promotional poster for the fourth film in the Spidey franchise and kick-started discussion about what it could mean for the film. (Some sites have reported hearing from a mysterious, anonymous source at the studio that the poster wasn't official, but as far as we know, it's the real deal.) A short time later, fan-made posters riffing on the mysterious "4" also hit the 'Net, featuring some interesting takes on the much-anticipated film... and who they'd like to see in the cast.

Spider-Man 4 Fan Posters

Spider-Man 4 Fan Posters

Possibly recycling an old pre-"Spider-Man 3" rumor that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum Eliza Dushku was up for the role of Black Cat, a pair of fan-made "Spider-Man 4" posters posted in the comments sections on seem to push for the debut of burglar and occasional Spidey love interest Felicia Hardy on the big screen.

While Dushku's availability for such a role is doubtful, given her starring role in Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" television series, it's a nice thought, isn't it?

As for the other cool "Spider-Man 4" poster created by a Photoshop-savvy fan, longtime followers of the wall-crawler's adventures probably won't take long to get the hint this poster is putting out there, either.

Spider-Man 4 Fan Posters

Carnage has entered the discussion once or twice in the past -- but usually connected to a potential "Venom" spin-off film. In fact, back in March "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi dropped the insane symbiote's name when asked about future installments of the movie franchise.

Will we ever get to see a web-wild, three-way brawl between average joe Peter Parker, bully Eddie Brock and scary-crazy Cletus Kasady on the big screen? Keep hope alive, Spider-fans.

What do you think of these fan-made posters and the "Spider-Man 4" angles they're pitching? Let us know in the comment section!