Nike's Wolverine & Sabretooth Sneakers... Fur Included!

Nike's Wolverine sneakersGetting his own summer blockbuster this year with "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" just wasn't enough for Marvel Comics' resident quick-healing mutant. Wolverine now joins Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, and creator-turned-DKNY-designer Paul Pope among the faces in comics to be inspirations for stylized apparel as Nike releases some brightly colored sneakers that pay tribute to his original costume design.

In fact, both Wolverine and his frisky nemesis Sabretooth, recently portrayed by Liev Schreiber, have their own sneaker packs available now.

Nike's Wolverine Sneakers

The Wolverine kicks are variations on the Nike Air Max ‘95, according to Moresay, who (along with has a few different shots of the flashy sneakers.

The Sabretooth AM95 shoes, meanwhile, look more like your standard cross trainers, with some slightly more subtle orange and brown stripes. Look closely and you'll also notice that the AM95's got some furry texture detailing around their laces.

Nike's Wolverine Sneakers

So, whether you're looking for some street fashion or exercise footwear, the good news for Wolverine fans is that Nike has both covered. While they don't have any extra chest hair or indestructible adamantium-laced skeletons bolstering their arches, the Wolverine Air Maxes do come with some striking hues.

If Hugh Jackman is looking for something new to go on walkabout in, he may want to consider giving these a try.

What comic book costume designs would you like to see shoe designers try to emulate? Do you like what Nike did with their Wolverine and Sabretooth concepts? Share you thoughts in the comment section below!