Mysterious Race Track In New 'Iron Man 2’ Set Photo?

Iron Man 2We've already seen one mysterious set photo from "Iron Man 2," so how about another? This time around, SuperHeroHype has posted a pair of photos claiming to be from the "replica racetrack set they are building at Downey Studios in Downey, California."

The photos seem to depict a re-creation of the Grand Prix in Monaco, which might click for those who've been cataloging every minute detail of "Iron Man 2" news. Back in February, we posted the specs of an "Iron Man 2" casting call that had hit the 'Net, asking for a Mongolian gangster and... (here's the good part)... a French waiter with an “authentic Monaco accent." Curiouser and curiouser, eh?

Here's one of the two pics posted on SHH:

Iron Man 2

So, Iron Man scholars, any points of Tony Stark's comics history that correspond with these clues? Sound off in the comment section!