Like 'Land Of The Lost,' Here Are Five Dinosaur Lands In Comic Books We Don't Want To Visit

The Savage LandHere at Splash Page, we love us some dinosaurs. What's there not to love? They're big, mysterious, formerly dominant and spectacularly awesome in "Jurassic Park." But we only say that because we do not co-exist with these over-sized lizards... drop a pair of Velociraptors in the middle of a shopping mall and we'd probably whistle a different tune as we run away.

With Will Ferrell and Danny McBride's "Land of the Lost" opening today (an adaptation of the television series focusing on an alternate, dinosaur-filled reality) we came up with a list of comic book locations that have played host to dinosaurs in one shape or another -- places that, for the most part, we have zero interest in visiting.

THE SAVAGE LAND: It's weird enough that there's a tropical location hidden in the nooks and crannies of Antarctica -- it's just flat out terrifying that there are dinosaur-like creatures all up in there as well.

The Savage Land is the home of several savage beasts in Marvel Comics, including but not limited to X-Men nemesis Sauron the humanoid pterodactyl, Spider-Man villain Stegron the Dinosaur Man, and a whole host of other big-toothed, snarling lizard creatures. Not the best place for a family vacation, we might add.

Dinosaur IslandDINOSAUR ISLAND: In DC Comics, the aptly named Dinosaur Island has been the setting for a variety of adventures involving prehistoric reptilian creatures -- and in one particular adventure, the island itself is even an enemy.

That adventure, of course, is contained in the pages of "DC: The New Frontier," a graphic novel-turned-animated film that pitted the likes of Batman, Superman and Green Lantern against the sentient and ancient dinosaur-filled island. It was even a battleground for the Losers, though these heroes are different than the ones we'll be seeing on film.

The Lost ValleyTHE LOST VALLEY: Over the years, pop culture junkies have been reintroduced to Turok, the legendary Native American hunter that originally appeared in a Western Publishing comic book, thanks to a variety of video games, books and animated DVDs.

But for those of you who haven't played the Nintendo 64's excellent "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" (still our favorite version of the character) we'll just tell you that Turok is an ultimate bad-ass that hunts -- you guessed it! -- dinosaurs in the Lost Valley, a cosmic oddity where time holds little meaning.

Santa Yolanda Rar PitsTHE SANTA YOLANDA TAR PITS: Dinosaurs don't have to be alive in order to be menacing -- heck, they don't even have to be real. If you don't believe us, just take a stroll down to the Santa Yolanda Tar Pits on the outskirts of Sin City, where you'll see things that even a venomous dilophosaurus wouldn't dare dream of.

Most prominently featured in the Clive Owen-starring segment "The Big Fat Kill," these Tar Pits were once a fake dinosaur park inspired by the success of a "Jurassic Park" type Hollywood film. After an accidental death, the site was decommissioned and has ever since been used as a drop-off point for dead bodies and other shady dealings.

DinobotsCYBERTRON: The scariest robotic dinosaurs we can think of don't belong to Sin City, but to Cybertron -- the homeworld of the Transformers and, of course, the Dinobots. On the surface, you might not find anything too scary about Grimlock, Swoop, Slag, Slude and Snarl due to their overt idiocy and slapstick antics... but that could be the last mistake you'd ever make.

Indeed, one bad move is all it takes to get these cybernetic dinosaurs on your case. Saying the wrong thing or giving them the wrong look could easily cause Grimlock to sick the rest of the Dinobot bunch on your hide -- though, thankfully for the Autobots and their human allies, it's typically the Decepticons that wind up on the short end of that equation.

What's your favorite -- or least favorite -- dinosaur-filled location in comic books?