With 'The Hangover' In Theaters, Here's Our Top Five Hardest-Drinking Heroes In Comics

HellboyAnyone who has had one knows that there's nothing funny about hangovers -- but this weekend's summer release, "The Hangover," plans to change that preconceived notion for theatergoers around the world.

Still, there are a variety of comic book heroes that wouldn't even flinch at the word "hangover," despite the alcohol-addled headache they're nursing following a night of binge drinking. After all, they're some of the world's greatest champions -- what's a dozen or so shots of Jagermeister between friends?

In honor of the Bradley Cooper-starring movie's release, we came up with our own list of hard drinking heroes that can down a keg or two and still save the entire planet, all in a single gulp.

HELLBOY: This big red demon from Hell is intimidating enough as is, what with that Right Hand of Doom and the enormous revolver he carries around. That's not even mentioning those typically shaved horns that only fully form when something really, really bad is about to go down.

But Guillermo Del Toro's big screen buddy isn't all doom and gloom. Get a beer or seven in this guy's stomach, and Hellboy will instantly become your go-to guy for general life coaching and romantic advice -- whether you want him to or not.

WolverineWOLVERINE: The cigar-chomping Canadian mutant is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is down tons of six-packs. Wolverine represents a bizarre dichotomy in that, yes, he's a Samurai-trained warrior, but there's no earthy-crunchy cleanliness when it comes to his calorie intake -- especially in the boozehounding department.

Indeed, Logan's healing factor comes in plenty handy when going toe-to-toe against Sabretooth or Deadpool, but it's also the reason he could drink shlubs like Gambit and Cyclops under the table.

Jesse CusterJESSE CUSTER: In the "Preacher" comics, you could point your finger at several characters that wrestle with alcohol addiction. But when it comes to leading man Jesse Custer, you'd find a Texan bad-ass who can lick clean a bottle of Jack Daniels and still cold-cock his enemies off the battlefield.

Plus, as a genuine Southern gentleman -- if you're on his good side, at least -- Custer would probably just be a blast to share a drink with. Imagine all those word-of-god drinking games you could play!

ConanCONAN: If you thought that getting drunk and kicking butt was a modern invention, guess again. Conan the Cimmerian has been doing just that throughout his 77-year publication run, all of which takes place in the fictional Hyborian Age before mankind even began chronicling history. That's a long, unwritten chapter of unabashed drunkenness.

When it comes to hacking apart annoying wizards and deadly skeletal creatures all with a liquor-lined burp and a belly full of warm suds, even Wolverine has to step aside and let Conan take top honors.

Iron ManIRON MAN: There's always an exception to the rule, and in the case of hard-drinking heroes, that exception is Iron Man. Multi-billionaire military industrialist Tony Stark went through a good stretch of time being an armored superhero by day, and a pathetically dedicated drunk by night -- a practice that ultimately blended together during the beloved "Demon in a Bottle" storyline.

While Stark eventually got off the sauce, his alcoholic misadventures provide the quintessential comic book proof that sometimes crime-fighting and tequila don't mix together so well -- though in the case of Iron Man, it does make for some interesting dinner conversation.

What other comic book heroes would you like to share a drink with? Give us your suggestions in the comments section!