Is Spider-Man Getting Married... Again?!

Spider-ManAt this point, Kirsten Dunst's involvement in the Sam Raimi-directed "Spider-Man 4" is tenuous at best. But if you haven't been reading the comic books lately, you might not be aware that Mary Jane Watson is on the outs there, too.

After a shady deal with Mephisto to save the life of Aunt May, Peter Parker and Mary Jane's marriage was no more, rendering the arachnoid hero a bachelor after years of upholding his vows -- and needless to say, fandom wasn't wild about the sudden change in status quo. Now, it looks like Marvel might be paying attention to the bullpucky calls from their readership with a recently disseminated wedding invitation for the Spider-Man universe!


Clearly, the knee-jerk reaction is that Peter's days as Marvel's most eligible bachelor are at an end! While the names on the invite are obscured, you can plainly see that one half of the marrying parties has Parker as their surname. Furthermore, the last three letters of the other participant is "-son," which fits with Mary Jane Watson. Are they finally going to make nice and return to one another, devil be damned?

Or is this just the wedding invitation for Aunt May Parker and J. Jonah Jameson Sr., father of the Daily Bugle chief-turned-New York City mayor -- a wedding that's already been announced in the comics?


In all likelihood, Peter's remarraige to MJ is going to have to wait at least a few more story arcs. But don't get yourselves tangled in a web just yet, you hapless romantics -- you can always take solace in Pete and MJ's recent reunion in the newspaper strip!

Is Marvel being overtly cruel by sending this wedding invitation out? Or will they surprise us all and get Peter and Mary Jane back together?