EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr. Confirms 'Meeting' With 'Thor' Movie Team

Clifton Collins Jr.Last week, "Star Trek" actor Clifton Collins Jr. kicked off online speculation when he posted a series of updates on Twitter that seemed to indicate some involvement with Marvel's live-action "Thor" movie. At the time, we offered some thoughts of our own about the characters Collins might be best suited to play in the much-anticipated film -- but reminded readers that nothing was official, and that Collins might not have any connection the film whatsoever at this point.

Well, you can strike the last part of that statement, folks. Speaking to MTV News today about his "Star Trek" role and the videos he directed for the Zac Brown Band that were recently nominated for Country Music Television Awards, Collins confirmed that he had indeed met with "Thor" filmmakers about, well... something.

"I had a little meeting. I think I can say that much," Collins told MTV News when asked if he auditioned for a "Thor" role. "['Thor' director] Kenneth Branagh is a bad-ass. I've been a fan of his as an actor and I know he's gonna be amazing as a director for this piece."

"Believe me, I'm itching to say all kinds of stuff," he added.

While he couldn't say anything else about his "meeting" with the "Thor" team, Collins had quite a bit to say about his high hopes for the film.

"It's going to be a beautiful thing, I'm sure," said Collins. "It's an amazing comic book. If you grew up reading these comic books, he was definitely a bad-ass, that guy."

So, with Collins confirmed as, at the very least" meeting with the "Thor" team, you can now return to your regularly scheduled speculation, folks.

Think Collins would make a good addition to the "Thor" cast? What character should he play?