'Iron Man 2’ Set Visit Yields New Surprises, Old Favorites -- And A Special Souvenir

Iron Man 2Last night, MTV News went to the set of “Iron Man 2,” the eagerly-anticipated sequel to the beloved superhero flick that took Tony Stark off the B-list and put him into the same stratosphere as Batman, Spidey and Supes.

“You’ve seen ‘Iron Man,’ right?” director Jon Favreau asked as he met us on one of the soundstages. Um… yeah!

In fact, more than $300 million worth of people in the United States saw “Iron Man,” a few million more around the world - and then there’s all the folks who have fallen in love with the 2008 film on DVD and Blu-Ray. Perfecting a unique mix of humor, drama and action, “Iron Man” was able to avoid the pitfalls of films like “The Fantastic Four” or “Ghost Rider” by finding a crowd-pleasing, critic-pleasing balance. Now, Favs and Robert Downey Jr. are back at work, and they were claiming that the sequel would be even bigger, funnier, and more action-packed.

While on the set, we spoke with director/actor Favreau, Robert Downey and Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige. Two scenes were being filmed, both featuring our beloved billionaire playboy. It was a particularly interesting set visit because although there were plenty of things to be seen that were reminiscent of the first, now-classic film -- there was also some exciting new stuff.

Favreau was about as nice a host as you could ask for, giving generously of his time and even presenting me with an Iron Man “Challenge Coin.” After touring around the world, Favs had received these coins from several men in the military as a sign of appreciation for his hard work on the first film. As a result, the director had his own limited-edition Challenge Coins created – with the “Iron Man” logo on one side and the “S.H.I.E.L.D.” logo on the other. It’s very cool -- and no, I won’t sell it to you.

Keep it here, folks, as we’ll be rolling out expansive coverage of the set visit in a few weeks. “Iron Man 2” is about halfway through filming, and will hit theaters everywhere next May 7th.

What are you looking to see in “Iron Man 2”: More action, more comedy, more of a certain actor, or more villains?