EXCLUSIVE: Pete Wentz And Image Comics Team Up For 'Fall Out Toyworks'

Fall Out ToyworksBy James Montgomery

FROM MTV.COM: You would think Pete Wentz already has enough on his plate: band, label, fashion line, burgeoning Twit-lationship with Mark Hoppus. Well, now he's got a comic book too.

That's right: In September, Wentz will join forces with Image Comics to publish "Fall Out Toyworks," a five-issue miniseries that revolves around a mysterious toymaker, a cyborg gal named Tiffany and a kid in a bear suit that looks lifted from the cover of Fall Out Boy's Folie á Deux.

Conceived by Wentz and Los Angeles designer Darren Romanelli, "Toyworks" will be written by Brett Lewis (who wrote the acclaimed "The Winter Men" series and Image's "Bulletproof Monk" book) with art from Sam Basri and Imaginary Friends Studios.

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