'Hench' Comic Creator Adam Beechen Discusses Danny McBride Adaptation, Story Changes

HenchIn the past week, some unexpected attention has fallen on a project called "Hench." Based on an AiT/Planet Lar graphic novel, "Hench" is a Danny McBride-starring vehicle about a disabled football player who becomes a supervillain's henchman to make some extra cash. McBride has had some words to say on the project, but how about the comic book's creator, Adam Beechen?

"I'm pretty blown away, as you might imagine," Beechen told Comic Book Resources. "It's actually been in the works for a couple of months. And I wasn't allowed to talk about it and it was driving me crazy. Only a couple of people besides me knew about it and I just wanted to climb up to the rooftop and scream about it for the last two months."

It's certainly hard to argue with such high-level interest from McBride and Warner Bros., but Beechen had to admit that the project is already deviating from the original comic book script.

"Well, in the book, Mike is African-American," Beechen said of McBride's character. "And that's how I always sort of pictured it. But when I heard Danny was interested in it I thought, 'My god. He's perfect.' And he really is. And at the point, you start thinking, 'Well, if Danny's going to be in it, who else is going to be in it?' You think about all the other actors Danny has worked with and is pals with and the possibilities become kind of exciting."

Beechen hasn't heard any other names connected to the superhero spoof, but hopes that will change soon. While McBride has plenty of projects on his plate, including a second season of HBO's "Eastbound and Down," Beechen says that the writer-actor is looking to get the ball moving on "Hench" very soon.

"I know this is something he feels really strongly about and he loves the material and wants to get it out there so I imagine he and Shawn [Harwell, his co-writer] are going to be working pretty hard on the script," Beechen said. "I would guess they want to get going as soon as humanly possible, but I really don't know."

Are you getting excited for "Hench," or do you need to know more before you get too interested?