Garfield Goes Superhero In 'Pet Force'

GarfieldIn the history of unmotivated super heroes, there's usually some terrible event that triggers the protagonist's transformation from selfish loner to noble champion. For Spider-Man it was the preventable death of his uncle. For Booster Gold it was the violent demise of pal Blue Beetle. For Garfield? It's apparently a spoiled opportunity to enjoy hotdogs and lemonade.

On June 16, the lazy lasagna lover stars in his latest computer animated adventure, "Garfield's Pet Force" on DVD.

The feature begins with Garfield, Odie, Nermal and Arlene enjoying an outdoor cookout. But before Garfield can get his fill, an evil alien attacks with an army of zombies. Garzooka, Garfield's super hero self from a parallel world, arrives just in time to save the day before transforming everyone but Garfield into a super-powered pet. The group soon learns that powers aren't everything, though, and a non-powered Garfield must shake his lethargy to save his friends.

Based on the "Pet Force" series of children’s books by Garfield creator Jim Davis, the heroic team comes from an alternate reality where Garfield's cast members are costumed crime fighters with codenames like Odious, Abnermal and Starlene. After these heroes are banished by a villain to a kind of phantom zone, the far less heroic Garfield and friends are summoned by Emperor Jon and Sorcerer Binky to replace the lost champions and save both realities. Think "Crisis On Infinite Earths" with more cuteness and less dying.

In addition to the movie, multi-platform "Pet Force" video games are also rumored to be in the works for release by late this year.

Will Garfield's newfound motivation stick? Or is it just a side effect of heroic company? Time, and any continued merchandising of this super themed franchise will tell. The only thing for certain is that I would have loved something like this back in first grade.

Does a Garfield surrounded by superheroics sound like your pan of lasagna? Excited to hear Nermal with a more masculine voice? Hate on Mondays in the comments.