Danny McBride Talks 'Hench,' Doubts DC Characters Will Appear In Film

Last week, news hit the wire that "Land of the Lost" actor Danny McBride would both write and star in an adaptation of the Ait/Planet Lar comic book "Hench," about the sad life of a supervillain's henchman.

Picked up by Warner Brothers for adaptation, "Hench" will feature a screenplay co-written by McBride and Shawn Harwell. MTV News had a chance to chat with McBride about the project recently, and he revealed a few more details about what fans can expect from "Hench" -- and the characters he'd like to see appear in the film.

"This focuses on the faceless, nameless henchman and what that guy does when he gets off from work -- from working for the world's evilest man," McBride told MTV News. "How he deals with his home life and how he bounces from one job to the next... We're going to really expose to the world what these henchmen go through."

Asked whether Warner Brothers' association with the film would mean we'll see some familiar characters from the DC Comics universe, McBride said the audience will "see a lot of the superheroes," but later added, "once we write this filthy dirty script, probably no one's going to want to be involved with it."

Pushed to offer the one character he'd want more than any other in the film, McBride suggested a DC character who could pull off his own arms and use them as weapons -- a suggestion that we admit being a bit mystified about. Was he talking about Arm Fall Off Boy from the Legion of Superheroes? Calling all DC geeks!

What do you think about McBride's plans for "Hench"? And who's this character he's talking about?