Barack Obama's Dog, Bo Obama, To Make 'Pet Avengers' Cameo

Pet AvengersMarvel Comics set out to assemble their most famous domesticated super-animals for the roster of its miniseries "Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers," so in a book featuring some of comics' most powerful pets, it's only fitting that the Obama family's new puppy has been drafted to appear in issue #4.

Bo Obama already has his own title "Puppy Power: Bo Obama" coming out back-to-back with a new non-fiction tale about his owner called "Political Power: Barack Obama," and since last year's election the U.S. President has teamed with such superheroes as Spider-Man and Youngblood. Now, the celebrity puppy is getting his own spotlight in a superhero book.

Pet Avengers

"I had just scripted the first issue when the news came out about the Obamas getting a dog," the series' writer Chris Eliopoulos, told "It seemed so appropriate that we jumped on the bandwagon."

President Obama's "Amazing Spider-Man" appearance sold more than a half million copies, prompting Eliopoulos to cast the the Portuguese water dog in his script.

"The Obama cover did well, so it just seemed natural," the writer explained.

According to Eliopoulos, Bo will be inheriting one of the Marvel Universe's coveted Infinity Gems in the story. The gems, famously featured in the 1991 event crossover "The Infinity Gauntlet," together can control most aspects of reality, granting godlike abilities to their owners.

"The final gem is on Bo Obama’s collar, a gift from a foreign head of state," Eliopoulos said -- though he didn't elaborate on whether Bo would be inheriting Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Time, Power, or Ego Gem, which comprise the set.

Which Infinity Gem would you like to see Bo Obama get a hold of? What do you think of the premise for the latest Obama-related comic? Sound off in the comment section below!