PREVIEW: Issue #2 Of Bluewater's 'Leprechaun' Comic Is, Well... Just As Crazy As Issue #1

Leprechaun #2Say what you want about the 1993 horror film "Leprechaun" -- but for many low-budget horror fans like myself, it holds a special place in our hearts.

Not only did it give us the greatest (and only) death-by-pogo-stick scene in movie history, but it also gave Jennifer Aniston her first feature film role and, of course, paved the way for such cinematic classics as "Leprechaun in Space" and "Leprechaun in the Hood." So, with all of that evidence presented, I rest my case for the importance of "Leprechaun."

Now that we have that settled, it should be no surprise that the ongoing adventures of Warwick Davis' evil Irish alter ego are continuing in comic book form. Earlier this week, I recommended the first issue of Bluewater Productions' "Leprechaun" comic book series (which I believe hits shelves today), and now I have an exclusive sneak peek at the second issue in the series.

(Click each image below for a full-size version.)

'Leprechaun' #2, Cover'Leprechaun' #2, Page 7'Leprechaun' #2, Page 8
'Leprechaun' #2, Page 13'Leprechaun' #2, Page 20

Yeah, it's pretty much what you expect from a comic book series based on a low-budget, cult-favorite horror series that included installments of the "... In Space" and "... In The Hood" varieties. However, after seeing the massive response to "Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus" last month, no low-budget masterpiece is off limits, folks.

"Leprechaun" #2, written by Zach Hunchar with art by Kris Carter, hits shelves later this month.

Can you put your enthusiasm for "Leprechaun" into words? If so, put it in the comment section -- I want to hear it!