EXCLUSIVE: 'The Warriors: Jailbreak' Begins Where The Movie Ends -- And Here's Your First Look!

The Warriors: JailbreakAllow me a moment of fan appreciation here, folks: I'm a huge fan of "The Warriors," so it's with no small amount of glee that I'm presenting this first look at "The Warriors: Jailbreak," the new comic book series that picks up where the 1979 film left off.

News about the series first broke back in April, when Dabel Brother Publishing announced that it was capitalizing on the success of its impressive comic book adaptation of "The Warriors" with a new ongoing series featuring Swan, Ajax, Rembrandt and the rest of the Coney Island gang. The timing of this "Warriors" resurgence isn't coincidental, either -- Paramount is currently celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Walter Hill's cult-favorite film, and fans (like myself) have been treated with a wide variety of "Warriors" toys, video games and, of course, comic books, over the last few months.

Now, I'm pleased to offer an exclusive preview of "The Warriors: Jailbreak" #1, featuring a story by Erik Henriksen and art by Todd Herman and Herb Apon. Read on for more details about the series (and a preview of the first 10 pages).

Here's the official synopsis of the series, explaining what readers can expect from "Jailbreak" when the series kicks off July 22:

"Based on Sol Yurick’s 1965 novel—Walter Hill’s film The Warriors electrified movie screens in 1979. Set in New York City’s near future, The Warriors told the gripping story of a gang forced to flee from the Bronx to Coney Island—while being hunted by every other gang in the city.

The Warriors: Jailbreak

Click on the image above for MTV's exclusive preview of "The Warriors: Jailbreak" #1, courtesy of Dabel Brothers Publishing and Paramount Pictures.

Thirty years after the release of the controversial film—and following up on the Dabel’s hit Warriors comic book movie adaptation—Dabel Brothers Publishing presents The Warriors: Jailbreak, the eagerly anticipated saga that begins where the film ended. Jailbreak captures everything exhilarating about The Warriors, while also heading in a bold new direction that will appeal to both mainstream readers and die-hard fans.

After one of the key members of the Warriors, Ajax, is arrested, the gang’s new leader, Swan, is forced to mount a risky rescue mission. Meanwhile, Ajax discovers that life in prison can be even more lethal than on the streets, and Rembrandt, one of the youngest Warriors, must learn who to trust and how to survive in the dangerous, unforgettable world of The Warriors: Jailbreak.

The Warriors: Jailbreak #1 hits stores everywhere July 22nd and will be launching at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con!"

Looking forward to "The Warriors: Jailbreak" as much as I am? What stories and/or characters do you hope to see explored in the series? Let me know in the comment section!