What Will A 'Deadpool' Solo Movie Involve? Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Shares His Thoughts

DeadpoolLast month, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld told me what he thought of his character's debut in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." After he gave me the good (actor Ryan Reynolds), bad (katanas coming out of his arms) and ugly (optic blasts) of Deadpool's first live-action appearance, I had to ask Liefeld about where he thought the upcoming "Deadpool" solo movie would take the "Merc With A Mouth" -- and how it could get past the issues fans had with his "Wolverine" debut.

"Here's the huge problem with anything existing: You don't hire Ryan Reynolds, who the ladies love and who has such a pretty face, to put behind a mask for the entire movie," Liefeld told MTV News. "Whatever movie they do on Deadpool, my money is on there being a big back story with Wade Wilson prior to submitting himself to the Weapon X program -- more of the Team X stuff."

Along with an extended look back at the old, pre-scarring Deadpool, Liefeld predicted some sort of love interest to emerge for the Marvel Merc -- possibly to set the stage for some vengeful butt-kicking later on in the film. (Typhoid Mary, perhaps?) However, the movie wouldn't be complete without a costumed version of the character wreaking havoc on his foes with both his weapons and his running commentary.

"We'll have an adventure with him in the present tense, dressed in his costume, probably breaking the fourth wall, with some kick-ass action," guessed Liefeld. "A past love story, a past spy story, his own story of vengeance -- when he said [in 'Wolverine'] that 'I brought swords to my girlfriend's wedding,' there's something there."

However, more of Reynolds -- "the pretty Ryan Reynolds," as he put it -- might not necessarily be a bad thing, according to the popular creator.

"When you get a big actor, they don't want to hide -- but you get more Christian Bale than Batman in those movies, and they work, and I think the same thing will be applied to Deadpool," said Liefeld.

"I would be shocked if what I just told you wasn't the formula for combining the two worlds of Ryan Reynolds without the mask and Ryan Reynolds with the mask," he added. "But the world will freak out if they get the 'Deadpool' movie that's true to his character."

What "Deadpool" movie do you want to see? How do you think they'll get past the "Wolverine"-related issues with the character?